Book Cover

Book Cover


This is my second children's book and is a continuing drama of two unique alligators who live in the magical Mandalay Cypress Swamp in South Louisiana.

The action continues for Etienne and Lizette in this second installment of the Alligator Tales series.

Follow these alligators through an underwater portal that leads to another world where they encounter amazing things that they have never seen before. Their mission is to find Teodosa, the long lost daughter of Momi YaYa, and bring her back home safely to the Mandalay Swamp.


This 65 page booklet contains 54 color graphics and can be purchased for $15.00 by emailing me your request. I will then provide instructions for processing the purchase. I self-publish on my desktop computer and printer so each book is printed upon order.

I also paint with acrylic on canvas each of the graphics in the book and sell separately - if interested.

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Cha Bu Khan, Xi Shi Quan, and Momi YaYa

Cha Bu Khan, Xi Shi Quan, and Momi YaYa
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